How to handle unfavorable posts and reviews

03/08/2013 02:05PM

Small businesses in a pre-digital age could quite often get by with very little branding effort or expertise. A yellow page ad purchased annually was the extent of many small business total marketing efforts.

Today's business owners can no longer get by, or hope to thrive with such a hands off approach, and failure to maintain your brand is no longer an option.

The internet has forever changed how we market. Our efforts can no longer be focused on a single resource. We are faced with a multitude of services broken down into search, business directories, referral sites, social media, and yes our own websites. It's important that each businesses marketing and brand strategies address all f these services, as each play a very specific role in how customers find and perceive your brand.

A great customer experience is more important than ever. The traditional impact of an unhappy customer is no longer seven people. A well placed rant, or series of mediocre reviews left unaddressed can negatively impact or even destroy a business. Once these postings go public there is often very little that can be done to “Erase” or remove them. The good news is this is your chance to shine. Most customers only wanted to be heard and treated fairly. Extending an olive branch with a sincere apology, a refund, a discount or free product is a great way to win back a customer and get them singing your praises. Remember that since these reviews are public, it's best to resolve them in public. Apologize and offer your resolution as a post. Feel free to offer a private email address or telephone number as part of your post. This will extend your goodwill effort and make your customer feel important.

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